A procedure for obtaining a debt settlement

  For any sum due, less than 4000 €, the creditor of a sum of money can now simply seize his bailiff to obtain a title (said executory) allowing the settlement of the debt. Invoice unpaid, sale not settled … When a debtor owed you money and the raises (verbal or written) did not give anything, you only had to […]

Revolving Credit

Transferring a revolving credit is a smart way to save on high costs every month. With revolving credit, you can withdraw repaid amounts, which means that you often pay a high variable interest. Sometimes it is better to transfer an existing loan to another provider and thus save on high costs. You don’t have to do that alone. You can […]

Pay off debts with holiday pay

A shift can be seen in the spending of the annual holiday allowance. Consumers are increasingly using the holiday pay that employers pay out in May or June, to pay off debts or to eliminate payment arrears. In these months, 7% more is repaid in debt than in other months. Last year this was already done 10% more often compared […]