Payday loan debt consolidation -Help with a debt consolidation loan

You are repaying several different debts and missing a few hundred crowns in your budget. Therefore, you decide to combine loans into one. You will only send 1 installment per month. You will pay longer, but the payments will be lower. As a result, you will not miss the money for everyday life and you do not have to borrow even more.

Help with a debt consolidation loan

Choose your favorite and ask for debt consolidation. If you choose, you will ask for debt consolidation over the phone or via the Internet. Prepare 2 identity documents and contract for the loans you want to consolidate.

Next, we will need the following materials:

  • Information about your employer (business name, address, phone) or your business (ID and copy of your last tax return)
  • Copy of the latest current account statement
  • the original confirmation of the amount of income (only applies to employees),
  • a copy of the pension assessment certificate (only applies to pensioners). 

We will approve the consolidation

We will check if it is responsible to you to consolidate your debts. Once we approve the request, we will send you a contract or post by courier. Here you will find all the necessary information. If you agree, sign the contract and send it back to us.

We pay the lender

We accept the contract and send your creditors money to pay off your debts. Now you have only 1 loan at Ophean.

You are sending installments

One month after signing the contract, you are sending the first installment. We need to have it credited to your account on the due date. Please send it a few days in advance.

You will pay off the loan

You will pay off the loan

You pay off the loan regularly every month. If you get unexpectedly more money, you can send an extra payment or repay the loan early. We don’t charge any fees, we just need you to let us know in advance. We will send you a written confirmation after payment.

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