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Damian Harley is “grateful” to his family.

Elizabeth Hurley’s son took to Instagram to express his gratitude to his mother and loved ones after being cut off from the trust of his father’s family.

Before Stephen Bing committed suicide last year, he won a court battle over an attempt to remove his father’s children, Damian Hurley (19) and Kira Bonder (23), from the family trust. However, the decision was later overturned by appeal.

Damian’s mother Elizabeth Hurley said last week:

“What Stephen wanted was now terribly reversed. I know Stephen was devastated.

Kira’s mom Lisa Bonder added, “As a mom, why did this have to happen? Why are you killing two innocent children?

And following the news, Damian posted a photo of his actress and model mother, his grandmother Angela and his cousin.

He captioned the post: “Thank you to my beautiful family, Xx today and every day.”

Stephen had nothing to do with Lisa or Damian at first, but he began to redeem himself before he died.

He contacted Kira in 2015, and Lisa said, “Kira was interested. I think she thought it was an opportunity to catch up, heal the past, and maybe get to know her grandparents and cousins ​​of Steve’s sister, Mary.

Stephen also tried to establish a relationship with Damian and first called him on his 18th birthday last year.

He also helped Elizabeth and Lisa when Steve’s father Dr Peter Bing tried to separate Damian and Kira from the “grandchildren trust” they founded almost 40 years ago.

Elizabeth said: “Damian’s grandfather Peter Bing sought to ignore Stephen’s children, including Damian, as grandchildren in the irreparable trust he had previously built.

“Stephen fought really hard last year to get the kids to recognize him and told me over and over how important it was to him.

“He was incredibly happy with the court ruling that Damian should be treated like his sister’s children, when it comes to trust.”

Lisa added, “It was terrible. Forget all the real legality. That’s what their grandfather said. To my son.

“Damian and Kira have inherited the trust of the Bing family. They are unreliable and cannot go back. They lost. It is very painful for them and for the family to take care of Damian and Kira. I left. “

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