Several victims shot dead in the center of Toledo


Authorities have confirmed that more than four people were shot dead during a large block party, although the number of injured is unknown. Their condition has not been disclosed.

Toledo, Ohio – A shootout at a block party injured several people in central Toledo early Monday morning.

More than four victims were shot dead on Lawrence Avenue near Wall Street, according to a Toledo police detective at the scene. Police do not know exactly how many victims were involved at this time.

Our on-site WTOL11 team reports the heavy presence of police and firefighters from several agencies, including the Lucas County Safety Office, Ohio Highway Patrol, Toledo Police, and the Toledo Fire Department. ..

At around 1:40 a.m., a team from the Sheriff’s Office was dispatched to help block off the boundaries and scenes, and other members of the team were dispatched to several hospitals, according to a sergeant from the County Sheriff’s Office. Lucas. Was done.

Nothing is said as to whether the suspect was detained or what caused the shooting.

While receiving information from the field, we strive to provide the latest information on this developing story.

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Several victims shot dead in the center of Toledo

Several victims shot dead in the center of Toledo

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