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Staff Photo / Andy Gray Josh Nativio, left, and Trumbull County Historical Society director Meghan Reed have written a second book called ‘Postcard History Series: Warren’ and illustrated with over 190 postcards that feature an overview of Warren’s story.

WARREN – Meghan Reed and Josh Nativio become contemporary chroniclers of Warren’s story.

Reed, director of the Trumbull County Historical Society, and Nativio, who created the Places and Things Gone Facebook page in Warren, Ohio which has more than 4,400 subscribers, published their second book last week, “Postcard History Series: Warren” ($ 21.99, Arcadia Publishing) and I have two more books in the works.

Like their first book, 2019’s “Images of America: Warren”, it’s a photographic look at the community’s past, and this time all of its 192 images come from postcards spanning over a century.

While a look at area restaurants and the stories of the lost / missing Warren are ongoing, the Postcard Story became the second project as it was the fastest to complete.

“We knew it would be easy” Nativio said. “The job was pretty much done. We had the photos in my collection, her collection, and the collections of people I knew.

Reed added, “These (other books) will take a long time to research, and we wanted to do something in between to keep people’s interest alive and also just to do something else.”

The authors have relied on images provided by private collectors, as well as the collections of the Warren-Trumbull County Public Library’s Local History and Genealogy Center and the TCHS Archives.

“We have a huge collection, more than 1,000 postcards regularly donate old postcards to the archives.

The historical society likes to see the personal details that were shared on the postcards, but for the purposes of the book, the uncirculated cards provided the best images.

“Some of these cards were shuffled in hell”, Nativio said. “Some looked a bit tattered or there was an obnoxious postmark in the image. There’s not much in there, but we’ve generally been able to find better maps to represent this or that. “

In some cases, there were several options. There are three photos of Warren’s Central Fire Station in the book, but Reed said they have as many as 15 different postcards to choose from.

The Trumbull County Courthouse offered even more possibilities. In the introduction they wrote, “By checking online auction sites these days, one would assume that every visitor received a postcard from the Trumbull County Courthouse as they left the city limits.”

Nativio joked that he wanted to leave the courthouse out of the book, simply because it was the one place everyone would expect to be represented.

Reed said she believes the first book has reached an audience that may not visit the programs or exhibits at John Stark Edwards House or TCHS ‘new Morgan History Center, which will open in mid- August, and she hopes the second book will do the same.

“We found it to be a great tool to get people interested in local history” she said. “People in the area tend to be very pessimistic about our history. I think one of the underlying issues is that Warren’s last history book was (written) in 1909. We haven’t had anything since the boom and recession, and I think the public deserves a clearer understanding and tools to tackle what happened here and who we are.

“I hope people will take the first book and the second book and the work we plan to do and see them as advocacy tools for where we are at and start talking about our community in more positive language. I want to live in a community where people celebrate and understand and have more hope for the future.

The book is available from All-American Cards & Comics in downtown Warren and through the Trumbull County Historical Society, and the authors’ profits will benefit the historical society. It is also available online at www.arcadiapublishing.com and other online retailers.

Reed and Nativio will have a book signing from 7-9 p.m. Thursday at Modern Methods Brewing Co., 125 David Grohl Alley, Warren, and ask questions about local history for his weekly trivia game.

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