University Heights Council will resume in-person meetings, but in a different space


UNIVERSITY HEIGHTS, Ohio – City council will be resuming meetings in person, but will do so in a different space.

Mayor Michael Dylan Brennan said in a statement that the council, which had met virtually via Zoom due to the pandemic, will hold future meetings in the old Wiley School library after returning from summer vacation, or if a special meeting is needed before September.

“With the cooperation of the school district (Cleveland Heights-University Heights), the district proposed, and the city agreed, the use of the old Wiley Library for city public meetings, including the city council, the municipal commissions and committee meetings. “said Brennan.

“Before the pandemic, the district shared with the city the board meeting room (CH-UH School) in the board offices (2155 Miramar Blvd., next to the old Wiley School, 2181 Miramar Blvd.). Sometimes the room was not available, or arranged to taste (of the city). The late meetings created a tax on the school staff.

Brennan said that with the exception of the occasional Red Cross blood drive, the city will be the sole user of the old library space. “That means we can configure it to suit our needs, generally leave it that way and know it’s available and available to us. This room also has conference space for executive sessions. For any summer meeting, the room is air conditioned.

Brennan said he and council clerk Kelly Thomas got security clearance to open the Wiley building and then shut it down after town business was finished.

The library space will be the city council’s third meeting place in a relatively short period of time. Until early 2019, the council, as it had done for decades, met on the second floor of Town Hall. The ADA’s concerns, and those about the general condition of the 95-year-old building, led Brennan to seek another meeting space, the Board of Education Boardroom. Meetings were held there until the pandemic forced Zoom meetings last spring.

“The district does not charge the city for the use of the space,” said Brennan. “However, we are responsible for our own space concierge service, and the municipal service takes care of that. We are also working on snow removal responsibilities as this time of year approaches.

Of the new location, Brennan said, “We expect it to be easier and better than sharing the boardroom. While I also checked with (John Carroll University), they don’t have anything that would still be available given the city’s meeting schedule. Also, by having a room that the public knows to be the city meeting room, everyone will get used to its location and know the city meetings are there.

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