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Recently, Nancy Pelosi made a statement suggesting that capitalism no longer works in the United States. To me it sounded like what the Marxists say. Recently, I noticed that the comments of the Democratic leaders show how impressed the Chinese enemy is.

They are in awe of China’s second-largest economy and the short time it took to become a great power.

However, China is a product of capitalism. Our capitalism! Before 1999 they were a Third World country, but then the desire of American capitalists for cheap goods built this country. We neglected their forced labor and slave labor for our own benefit. We moved production to China and doubled or tripled our profits.

Everyone is wondering why our southern border is open. Is it because you feel sick at these intersections? Or is the new American workforce working cheaper and accustomed to socialism? You can see the history, the comparison plans used by the Communists and the Fascists.

• Control the media

• Divide the population

• Destroy people’s religion

• Destroy their history.

• Infiltrate the government

• In our case, bring a gun

It appears that 5 have been completed so far.

Eric Burke Holder


Letter: Forget the Lessons of History-Lima News

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