Georgian couple killed in Montana Amtrak couple


A friend says Don and Marjorie Barnadoe were celebrating their 50th birthday while traveling across the country on a derailed train in Montana on Saturday.

NS. Simmons Island, Georgia – The National Transportation Safety Board is investigating why Amtrak trains derailed on Saturday, killing three people and hospitalizing seven.

The Amtrak cross-country train from Chicago to Seattle derailed in Montana. According to a friend, two of the three people who died were Don and Marjorie Barnade, a couple from St. Simons Island.

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They were celebrating their 50th birthday.

“When we first heard the news it was a total shock,” said Tom Jones, senior pastor of St. Simons United Methodist Church.

He said the Varnads volunteered in their church.

“This is such a tragic time, as these two people were dedicated members of our church who were involved in so many ways,” Jones said.

“Some people, as you know, sometimes act kindly, but these two people have a kind spirit towards them, and that is doing well,” Jones said. Added. You can experience this in your life, and such people are hard to find where they are so honest, and their spiritual depth is so deep that you are making a mistake. I know they really care. “

According to a spokesperson for Green County School, Don Barnadoe served on the school board from 1999 to 2002. A spokesperson said Marjorie Barnadie, known as Margie, had retired as assistant superintendent. of HR. She was a longtime teacher before that.

According to a friend, Don Barnadie has been a senior city official for over 40 years.

“At our meeting on Tuesday, he came and told me that they were finally going to take a once in a lifetime trip and were really looking forward to it,” said Don Barnadoe, 20. A close colleague, Robert Kozlowski, said. He was as everyone in the community sees him. He was active everywhere, not just for real estate. “

Kozlowski said Marjorie Varnadoe is also very active in the community.

“Merge always did it for others, and that’s what she did,” Kozlowski recalls. “That’s what she likes. She woke up and found something for someone to do.

Roland Daniel also collaborated with Don Varnadoe as a stakeholder.

“We are only promised to breathe now, so it reminds us to live every minute,” Daniel said. “Don was a very peaceful, fun and very professional companion. He’s one of the few people I know. I know he never heard him say anything negative about anyone. “

Daniel said the loss of Varnad was already being felt.

“Without Varnad here there would be a big hole in the community,” he said.

Kozlowski said something that gave him some comfort was that they were together.

“They were two believers,” Kozlowski said. “So this is a once in a lifetime trip because they still live together for the rest of their lives. “

Former Glynn County School Principal Howard Mann sent the following statement regarding the loss of Varnad:

“I was devastated by the death of my friends Don and Margie Barnadé. Margie was an integral part of the school system management team and, along with Paul Mackenzie, completely revamped the talent department.

“Don was a good board member and had a clear understanding of his role in approving policies and helping with system budgeting. They are particularly concerned about the well-being of children. If you had a deep commitment to the Grin County community.

“They were truly exceptional, regrettable people.”

According to the Associated Press, there were 141 passengers and 16 crew members. Eight of the ten cars derailed.

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