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Penn State football is officially on a three-game losing streak.

The Nittany Lions may not have enjoyed their visit to Ohio Stadium, but our Onward State team did their best to enjoy the beautiful city of Columbus nonetheless.

Between returning old friends and weird bar scenes, we’ve seen a lot in and around the Horseshoe this weekend. Here are some of the most interesting things that happened in Columbus.

Jamari Wheeler breaks the hearts of the Penn Staters

Former Penn State basketball goalie Jamari Wheeler, who has since transferred to Ohio State, was in attendance for this weekend’s clash at the Shoe and appeared on the jumbotron. With just three words – “Beat Penn State” – he surely left every Penn Staters present feeling stabbed in the back.

Fans are storming the pitch… once again. Chaos ensues… Again.

If you couldn’t stand the Iowa fans storming Kinnick Stadium after the Hawkeyes won over Penn State, I wouldn’t suggest reading any further. Shortly after the final whistle, security guards walked away from the gates and Buckeye fans lined up in single file to run across the field. It was a mess.

Remember: Ohio State was a nearly 20 point favorite ranked 15 spots higher than Penn State.

Much like two weeks again in Iowa City, a storming of the field created all kinds of chaos for post-game availability. Penn State still has to set up away interviews, so James Franklin and the players usually stand on the field. With thousands of people on the ground, it was virtually impossible.

Instead, everyone sank into a tunnel filled with echoes, outside noise, and water dripping down from above.

Ohio State bars are lawless wasteland

To prepare for the big game, our team traveled to the University District city of Columbus on Friday night. We opted for the crappy college bars instead of the nice breweries in order to get the true Ohio State experience. After checking with the locals, we opted for Ethyl & Tank, which is connected to another bar called Midway.

This place was a little crazy. Basically imagine if Champs was a dive bar. There was literally an inch deep pool of stagnant water next to the main bar and it was shoulder to shoulder all over the place. It was pretty silly and fun for one night, but this place couldn’t be my daily driver.

Also, it seemed that the majority of people in the bar were underage. It was basically a known thing in Columbus that not all college bars really check IDs. The three of us were 21, so it didn’t really affect us, but it was funny that there were 19-year-olds stepping forward and ordering whiskey from the rail without any repercussions. Maybe that’s why every bar was packed.

Football guys come through the drippin ‘courtesy of Saquon

Almost the entire Penn State team showed up Nike Air Trainer 3s by Saquon Barkley after getting off the team bus. They looked really sick.

Ohio State Band impresses

As James Franklin would say, you have to give the Buckeyes credit here. The group had cool traditions and worked quite well. The halftime show was themed on Sesame Place and they even took Michigan in the trash with Oscar the Grouch.

Hey, we can all agree Michigan still sucks.

Horseshoe security guards are adorable

While we had some ~ interesting ~ skirmishes with the Ohio State fans this weekend, the safety at the Ohio stadium was great. From elevator service to friendly smiles and good directions, they made us feel incredibly welcome. Thanks guys!

Columbus’ late-night food scene is a disaster

Listen: There comes a time in every night when you just want to eat. After leaving the bar, we consulted with the locals again to see where people are going for late night food. We received recommendations and set off, only to find that each establishment was packed. An absolutely unprecedented lineage.

Fast-paced places like gas stations and CVSs were closed and “restaurants” were inaccessible due to the large number of people. I had never wanted to be in Canyon more in my entire life.

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