Cleveland City Council Approves American Rescue Plan Act

CLEVELAND – President Joe Biden’s American Rescue Plan Act was put in place to help relieve the country from the pandemic. In northeast Ohio, the city of Cleveland receives more than $ 500 million in relief funds.

What would you like to know

  • American Rescue Plan Act is to help country alleviate pandemic
  • Cleveland City Council approved $ 10.2 million allocation to the Cleveland Police Department
  • Part of the funds will be used for military-grade equipment that local activists have opposed

Cleveland City Council on Monday approved a spending plan of more than $ 26 million for public safety. The fire department will receive $ 3.6 million. EMS will receive $ 7.8 million. While computer security will receive $ 4.8 million. And Cleveland Police will receive $ 10.2 million.

“A lot of it is vehicles and equipment. Those are a couple of things that really helped us decide what to come up with for all of these different categories of security. Things like, you know, air compressors to make sure our fire department has tanks that contain the proper air. Make sure we replace our fleet vehicles, ”said Blaine Griffin, president-elect of Cleveland City Council representing Ward 6.

For the police department, the funds will purchase a new SWAT vehicle. As well as equipment such as protective gear, riot helmets and solo shields for incident response teams.

This is something that has been opposed by local activists.

“When they actually use these things like various SWAT gear, you have to understand the mindset behind it. When you have something you want to use it. And so, you know, we find it problematic to want to. invest in that stuff, ”said Kareem Henton, organizer of Black Lives Matter Cleveland.

For Kareem Henton, he would have liked the money to be used elsewhere.

“To the mini-stations they say they want to put officers into what they want to have in town. Maybe that money should go there. Not necessarily military grade gear that isn’t really meant to protect. but to inflict damage, ”Henton said.

But Griffin said the funds are simply needed to keep first responders safe.

“We send our police officers and our men and women in blue to do a tough job and we want to make sure they have the best equipment possible and we don’t want to put them in danger while we send them out to do a tough job that they can do. ‘they do,’ Griffin said.

The city of Cleveland is just one of eight cities across the country to receive this level of funding. The money will also be used for other areas besides public safety.

“We have approved four different categories and everything from health, safety, community and economic development as well as strategic investments. And at the end of the day, you know, we’ve approved several jars of dollars that are going to guide us in our manufacturing process decision, ”Griffin said.

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