Telehealth Needed in Ohio News, Sports, Jobs

Earlier this month, Ohio lawmakers pushed the state to move closer to offering more options to patients who may not always be able to quickly and easily come face-to-face with a doctor through extended telehealth services.

House Bill 122 still has a few steps to go through before it becomes law, but advocates see it as a game changer:

“The COVID-19 pandemic has placed a greater burden on cancer patients and their providers, but it has also revealed the essential role that telemedicine can play in cancer care,” said Leo Almeida, government relations director of the American Cancer Society’s Cancer Action Network.

Once the legislation is finalized, telehealth services will be expanded to include a number of professions including mental health therapists, speech language pathologists, occupational and physiotherapists, addiction counselors and others.

This means that professionals in all of these fields will be better able to serve Ohioans who need specialized care. And they’ll also be able to reach patients who may have transportation issues or who are just not willing to risk sitting in a doctor’s office waiting room until it’s time. their turn to make an appointment. Many people think that the risk of “go it alone” in terms of healthcare, is safer than being potentially exposed to COVID-19 while sitting among other patients and their families.

The legislation is an incredible leap forward for Ohioans.

Congratulations to those who are making the expansion of telehealth in Ohio a reality.

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