Ohio State Scioto County Extension hires two educators

SCIOTO – The Scioto County Extension Office recently hired two educators.

Scioto County Ag and natural resource educator Brooks Warner said he has been involved in farming for several years.

“I grew up on my grandparents’ farm in New Richmond, Ohio in Clermont County and we raised cattle, tobacco and hay,” Warner said. “I have been in 4-H for many years and have shown beef cattle and poultry at the Clermont County Fair.”

Warner graduated from Wilmington College with a bachelor’s degree in agriculture and previously worked as an agricultural and natural resource extension officer for North Dakota State University.

“I had my first experience with agricultural extension at North Dakota State University and I will be doing the same job here,” Warner said.

Warner will work at the Portsmouth courthouse and travel around the county.

“I will do agricultural education and resources according to the needs of the county,” Warner said. “I’m going to do a lot of educational programs. “

Warner said he returned to Ohio to make a difference at home.

“I wanted to make a difference closer to home and expanding is about making a difference and supporting the vitality of the community,” said Warner. “Working for the Ohio State Extension has always been a dream of mine and I’m delighted to be here in Scioto County and not too far from home. “

Warner said that for anything that may need help with farming, call the Scioto County Extension.

Ohio State also welcomed new Scioto County 4-H educator, Abbie Mowen.

“I’m originally from the area and I was pretty much in 4-H my entire career and then I moved for a while and this job opened up so I applied,” Mowen said.

Mowen attended Wright State University where she earned her BA in Psychology and the University of Cincinnati where she earned her MA in Education.

Mowen will work at the courthouse but will visit various schools in the county.

Mowen said 4-H had a major impact on his adult life.

“It’s something I grew up with and can say it played a role in my maturity and my day to day life,” Mowen said. “It was huge for me and taught me skills in leadership, teaching and friendship.”

Mowen showed pigs at the Scioto County Fair.

“It teaches a lot of hard work in caring for an animal,” Mowen said.

Mowen said she can’t wait to get back to breeding.

“I can’t wait to come back to the ranching side and teach it to the kids today,” Mowen said. “I look forward to giving back to the community that has done so much for me. “

Scioto County Ag and Natural Resources Educator, Brooks Warner.

Scioto County 4-H educator Abbie Mowen.

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