Ohio State Football community should try to help Damon Arnette

Before I continue, I have to give you a little honesty. I never liked Damon Arnette when he was on the Ohio State football program. He sounded cocky and always seemed to celebrate like he made a big play when the receiver dropped a pass wide open or something. I thought being a first-round pick was a mistake.

With all that said, the man clearly needs love and support right now, with the report that he was arrested for assault with a deadly weapon, he needs that support more than ever. He was released by the Chiefs from that term contract after news broke.

That’s where members of the Ohio State football community can step in. Former teammates can reach out and help put their life in order. Former coaches can also reach out and help. Arnette must do something to help himself before things get worse for him.

It’s not about how he played on the field or acted during a game anymore. It’s real life stuff. Football comes second at a time like this. While I’m not entirely sure what the former Buckeyes can do to help, I think they should at least try to reach out and help.

When it comes to football, it looks like it’s over for Arnette. Unless he makes a dramatic turn in his life and can convince another team that the turning point is real, he may have lost his chance. As I mentioned, football is not important in times like this.

Former Buckeyes are part of a fraternity. I hope the brotherhood can help Arnette before it’s too late and something worse happens because Arnett is on the wrong track.

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