The rush: Ryan Day believes hero Kanu has a ‘really high’ ceiling, favorite linebacker Jaylon Stoker commits to Ohio State

When four-star defensive tackle Hero Kanu announced his decision to commit to Ohio State on Jan. 8 at the All-American Bowl, the German-born star told the audience what Ryan Day and the Buckeyes had already known for a few weeks.

Kanu, who has lived in California for just over two years and played for Santa Margarita Catholic (Rancho Santa Margarita, Calif.), quietly signed at the start of the signing period but waited a few weeks to make the official announcement. . Using hindsight as an advantage, it was easy to see why Day was so confident during his Dec. 15 press conference that Ohio State would have an impact on defensive tackle. On Monday, Day spoke to the media for the first time since Kanu announced his signing at Ohio State, and Day praised the potential the 6-foot-5, 293-pound man in the trenches defense brings to the Buckeyes.

“We’re very excited for Hero to arrive,” Day said. “Very unique situation coming from Germany, but he plays for a very good program coming from Santa Margarita Catholic. I think as he starts playing more and more football, his ceiling is going to be very high. He was just here last weekend and excited to start.

As Day said, Kanu just visited OSU last weekend, mainly to get to know his future new home and bond with some of his future teammates. He will officially enroll at Ohio State in June.

“His personality is great,” Day said. “His work ethic is great, he’s never had a bad day. I think it’s a pleasure to work with him. But he’s a bit raw because he’s still learning how to play the position. So, when you see his gifts and how unique his background was, it’s just exciting to think of the potential there could be.

While Ohio State knew for sure he would land in Kanu weeks ago, the standout German knew much earlier that Columbus was the place for him. Kanu first visited Columbus in June as part of Premier Players International’s DreamChasers tour, and liked Larry Johnson’s coaching technique and the campus so much that he asked if he could spend another day at columbus. When he visited Notre Dame in late July, he heard that the OSU was having a barbecue around the same time, so Kanu asked DreamChasers tour organizer Brandon Collier if he could. they could make a stop at Ohio State the next day. .

“I would say July at this barbecue (I knew it was going to Ohio State),” Collier, a Cleveland native, said. Eleven Warriors right after Kanu’s engagement on January 8. I do not know. I thought ‘We’re only four hours away, let’s go.’ I would say the smile on his face that he had after that visit was just like ‘OK, this is where I want to be’.

Like Day, Collier is optimistic about the future of Kanu, who is ranked the 128th best prospect in the 2022 class according to 247Sports’ composite rankings.

“I know I’m going on a limb, but I think he’s one of the top three defensive tackles in the country,” Collier said. “Just his advantage and his potential. I think they have a kid who will play three and up. With the element of Coach Mick, Larry Johnson and Ryan Day, I think they’re going to tap into the untapped potential of him which could be very special.

“It’s not a finished product at all, he didn’t play in Texas or Ohio where he got all the practice or stuff like that, he played a year and a half in California. But he has the more upside among all the kids in that class. I guarantee that in two years, when they do an updated ranking of where the kids should have been, it will easily be in the top 10. The sky is the limit for the child.

Stoker Commits to OSU as PWO

Over the weekend, Ohio State landed quarterback Dublin Coffman’s favorite 2022 commitment Mason Maggs. On Monday, the Buckeyes landed another PWO commitment for the Class of 2022 as Cincinnati linebacker Jaylon Stoker gave his verbal commitment to OSU.

Stoker joins an in-state linebacking class of 2022 that also includes CJ Hicks and Gabe Powers as good as Sonny Styles, a linebacker/safety hybrid. Stoker, a 6-foot-1, 215-pound All-Conference selection for Princeton High School, will add depth to the Buckeyes’ linebacking corps in 2022 and hopes to make a contribution down the line.

Webb kicks OSU out of Top 11

Four-star running back in 2023 Treyaun Webb announced a list of the top 11 schools, the first notable recruiting announcement he’s made since pulling out of Oklahoma in late November. Surprisingly enough, Ohio State was not among the 11 finalists.

The Buckeyes were one of Webb’s top schools prior to his commitment to Oklahoma last summer, so Ohio State’s omission from the list could mean the Buckeyes have given up on recruiting Webb and love where they stand with their best running back goal of 2023, five stars Richard Young, and the six other running backs they offered in addition to Young and Webb. The Buckeyes would like to take two running backs in 2023.

Washington engages in Alabama

One of Ohio State’s 2023 safety goals is unscheduled. Four Star Safety in Florida in 2023 Elliot Washington announced his commitment to Alabama on Monday.

Washington’s choice to commit to Alabama isn’t all that surprising, considering his dad played basketball for the Crimson Tide. Ohio State already has security committed to the cycle in Cedrick Hawkins and remain interested in Caleb Downs, Joenel Aguero and RJ Jones like some of their other main targets at the security post.

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