Could we see more than four WR sets in 2022?

The best part of the Ohio State football team’s offense in 2022 will clearly be their passing game. We’ve seen what kind of damage that passing game can do after a record-breaking performance at the Rosee Bowl. This performance, however, raises an interesting question for next season.

Will we see more than four sets of wide receivers next season? With Jeremy Ruckert now gone, the Buckeyes don’t really have any playing experience. Cade Stover has now become a permanent linebacker. This leaves Gee Scott as the only one seen on the pitch.

Adding an extra receiver to the field might prove to be the solution. Wide receivers are clearly some of the deepest play Ohio State has on its roster. Adding another receiver to the crease could help the offense be more explosive by bringing out their best players.

Having more 10-person sets would also solve some issues when it comes to playing time for some of the Buckeyes’ top receivers. This would allow Jaxson Smith-Njigba, Marvin Harrison Jr., Emeka Egbuka and Julian Fleming to all be on the court at the same time.

We know Ryan Day isn’t afraid to lay out the defense. He also wants to get the best players on the pitch. I don’t think four wide will be the base of the offense, but I think we might see more early in the year to see if that’s something that works.

Having four receivers in the field also leaves more room in the middle for TreVeyon Henderson to get some work done. As long as the offensive line can block better in the running game than it did last season, it could create more opportunities for Henderson.

We’ll see what Day decides to do once the season starts. I think that would be a really great way for the Ohio State football team to get more big plays on the field.

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