Afghanistan’s Ambassador to the United States resigns, find out why

Adela Raz, the Afghan ambassador to the United States, has resigned, according to a senior source at the mission, citing new limits imposed on the embassy by the US State Department as the cause of her resignation.

On Friday, Afghan Deputy Ambassador Abdul Hadi Nijrabi told the media that the US State Department had decided to halt political and diplomatic activity from Afghanistan to the United States. In a letter to the Afghan Embassy in Washington, the State Department demanded a cessation of diplomatic activity, he said.

“According to a letter from the US State Department to the embassy, ​​only the ambassador is authorized to work from home, but only on political and diplomatic matters.” “The rest of the diplomats can’t work,” he said.

According to media reports, Raz is the third Afghan ambassador to resign in the past six months. Afghan ambassadors to China and Turkmenistan have already resigned from their posts. Afghan diplomatic offices have been experiencing financial problems since the Taliban took control of the country in August.

According to officials at the Afghan embassy in Washington, the mission’s financial system has been blocked for more than four months by a bank.

“The salaries of (workers) at the Afghan embassy have been suspended for almost four months. “All diplomats have problems,” Safi Delawar, a former counselor at the Afghan embassy in Washington, told Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Italy, The embassies of Poland and Iran are said to face the same financial problem, while the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoFA) of the Taliban-led government has welcomed the closure of embassies which are not in contact with current authority.

“Closing Afghan diplomatic offices in several countries is a wise decision as they refuse to work with the new government and attempt to abuse their authority,” a ministry official said.

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