Ohio State asks regulators to limit betting on college games in Ohio

A new venture aimed at giving college athletes a foothold in the media space, while capitalizing on NIL opportunities, now has the backing of iHeartMedia.

The College Athletes Network, founded by Ron Pivo and Brett Martzke, plans to launch a new athlete podcast on the iHeartPodcast Network every month. The goal is to leverage thousands of compelling stories from college athletes at all levels.

“I’m excited to showcase new voices in a variety of sports,” Pivo said. “These kids are very talented behind the mic and it’s about time people got a chance to hear them.”

A weekly podcast titled walkie talkie, hosted by Duquesne University basketball player Noah Buono, is just the first of those podcasts to hit the airwaves. Buono will talk about his own experiences as a walk-in college athlete and dig deeper into that area.

“The stories you’ll hear will fire up all of your emotions,” Martzke said. “Athletes’ daily routine, their relationships with crazed fans, and the recruiting circus they go through will truly give listeners a whole new perspective of today’s college athlete.”

A range of other athlete podcasts that focus on various topics centered around college sports and student-athlete life are already in the works and will soon be available on iHeart.

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