Ohio State Football still makes the best recruiting in the Big Ten

The Ohio State football program has been the Big Ten’s dominant program for the past two decades. They have won more Big Ten championships than any other program. Prior to last year, they had won four consecutive Big Ten titles. They were a monster.

A big reason for being so good for so long is the quality of the Buckeyes’ recruiting. Their recruiting has always been the best in the conference. If you look at the standings from past seasons, you can see why Ohio State has so much talent.

For the season 2022, the Buckeyes were ranked 4th nationally. The next closest Big Ten team was Penn State at No. 8. The previous year, Ohio State was 2nd. TTUN was the closest next in 13th place. In 2020, Ohio State was 5th and TTUN was 10th. You had the idea.

Ohio State’s continued success on the recruiting track has led to much of the success they have had on the field. It’s much easier to win games when you have talented players on the field who are better than the players on the other side of you.

Of course, recruitment is not everything. Coaching certainly matters too. But good recruitment puts you in a position where not everything depends on coaching. Ohio State’s football program doesn’t stop with its elite recruiting either.

Currently, the Buckeyes sit 4th in the nation for the Class of 2023. That’s one spot behind Penn State, but not by very many points. I have no doubt that at the end of the cycle, the Buckeyes will have the top-ranked recruiting class in the Big Ten Conference.

Unless the other Big Ten teams step up, Ohio State will be in the game to win the conference every year.

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