More than 1,000 Ohio doctors unite against state abortion laws

DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) – More than 1,000 Ohio doctors have united since Roe v. Wade, signing a letter describing the impact of Ohio laws on their work and their patients.

“Abortion is part of a patient’s health care and these are tough decisions,” said Dr. Marcela Azevedo, founder of Ohio Physicians for Reproductive Rights. “They’re not easy, but they don’t need government action. They need a thoughtful and expert discussion between a health care provider and the patient.

With Ohio’s “Heart Rhythm Law” now in effect, which makes abortion illegal after six weeks of pregnancy, Azevedo has teamed up with her friend, Dr. Lauren Beene, to train Ohio doctors. for reproductive rights.

“Turns out that’s how everyone felt they just had no one to say to, let’s organize, let’s make this happen,” Azevedo said.

What they thought would be just a handful of Ohio practicing physicians, turned into 700 members in three days, and then over 1,100 members in a week.

These members signed and published a letter of dissent against Ohio’s heartbeat law.

“Our first project was literally putting words to paper,” Azevedo said. “What’s wrong here?” How is it going ? And try to explain from both a medical and a human perspective and what we thought was wrong with this ban. There were 30 to 40 people working on this letter at the same time.

Azevedo said dozens of people were working on the letter at the same time, which explains the impact of anti-abortion laws on doctors and their patients.

“There’s wording in there that allows you to protect a woman’s life in an emergency,” Azevedo said. “By training, I am a resuscitation doctor and I work in the emergency room. When you are in this emergency, it is too late. This is by far the time when we discuss the high morbidity and mortality among women in the country.

Azevedo said the group had two goals. The first is to change Ohio laws and legalize abortion in Ohio. The second is to create a network of physicians and resources for pregnant Ohio women seeking abortions, including funding and support for travel out of state.

“We’re going, it’s the start of the fight, but we’re not going to stop until it’s done, until Ohio patients have access to abortion in Ohio. “, Azevedo said.

To read the full letter from Ohio Physicians for Reproductive Rights, click here.

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