What counts as a failure?

Every year, Ohio State football fans expect the Buckeyes to compete for a national title. They have one of the most talented programs year after year. Fans expect this talent to equate to a lot of wins, which is a reasonable expectation. But some consider that not winning a title for a year is a failure.

Is it true? What constitutes failure for the Ohio State football team? The Buckeyes have only won two national titles in the last twenty years. Are the other 18 seasons failures because they didn’t win everything? It’s hard for me to justify if I make this argument.

What I can say is that I think last year was a miserable failure. The Buckeyes lost two regular season games and lost to TTUN. Any season you lose to TTUN can be considered a failure. It was the first time they had done this since the 2011 season, which had a list of issues.

Losing to TTUN constitutes a failed season. What about other years when they win that game but don’t win a national title? Was the 2020 season a failure even though they made it to the national championship game? I do not think so.

Determining what counts as a failed season is up to every Buckeye fan. In my opinion, as long as Ohio State has a realistic chance of making the CFP in a given season, it’s not a failure. By my definition, the Buckeyes have failed four seasons since the start of the CFP era.

This definition is going to be different for each fan and for each program. But what I do know is that the Buckeyes shouldn’t have a one-season failure in 2022. The talent is too big and the offensive experience is too high.

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