Could Big Ten players participate in revenue sharing?

NIL has created many opportunities not only for Ohio State football players, but also for student-athletes in all sports and conferences. This allowed these athletes to be compensated and, in some cases, to earn a lot of money. Some players get up to six figures depending on their offers.

Apparently that’s not enough for Big Ten players. They met with Commissioner Kevin Warren to discuss some demands they have from the conference, including revenue sharing. This coalition of players is led by Penn State quarterback Sean Clifford.

According to ESPN, there are other requests that these players have also made to the conference. They include better health benefits and better representation in medical insurance discussions. Warren said these were positive, non-contentious discussions.

Having access to better emergency medical care for these athletes is something everyone should be able to get. If these student-athletes go out on the field and compete for the school, it’s the least they can do for them.

The same can be said for getting better medical insurance. With the way medical bills are these days, they should have access to some of the best insurance out there with schools covering the cost. I have absolutely no problem with these players raising these issues.

What bothers me is players asking for some kind of revenue sharing with the conference. At that time, it is no longer amateurism. It’s professional sport in its own right. This is a threshold that should not be crossed if we want to continue to call it “college football”.

Ohio State‘s football program is the one that draws media attention to the sport. Other players would receive money largely on the value the Buckeyes bring, especially in terms of television revenue. Even so, I don’t think any of these players should get revenue sharing.

I think it’s even a bad idea for the Big Ten to entertain. We’ll see what Warren and the sporting directors end up deciding to do with this issue. The medical issues should definitely be resolved, but that’s a step too far for me.

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