Certified Volunteer Naturalist training available in Portage County

The Portage County Extension Office will host the Ohio Certified Volunteer Naturalist Training beginning August 31. Classes will be primarily located within the Portage Soil and Water Conservation District, with some offsite locations and some Zoom sessions.

An OCVN is someone who is passionate about preserving Ohio’s environment and natural resources. They are volunteers who have completed a formal 40-hour training certification and who use their knowledge to give back to the community through volunteer service.

NCVOs love the environment, nature, and care about land stewardship by promoting awareness through education and volunteerism at local parks, arboretums, nurseries, and more. They strive to educate the community to help them understand how to manage a natural area, control invasive species, restore native habitats. NCVOs are nature lovers.

Ohio Naturalist may have special interests or specialties, but all volunteers will be trained in watersheds, aquatic life, stewardship, geology, soils, plants, forests, insects and macro-invertebrates, reptiles and amphibians, birds and mammals. Volunteers are trained in the classroom and in the field to gain practical information to enhance their love of nature. This training is provided by Ohio State University Extension.

In Portage County, there are several volunteer opportunities in the Portage Park District alone. There are also many other volunteer opportunities if you reside outside of Portage County. To find out more about these opportunities, contact your local extension office.

To learn more about Ohio Certified Volunteer Naturalist training in Portage County, visit https://go.osu.edu/ocvnportage2022 or call the Portage County Extension Office at 330-296-6432 .

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