world record set by Peter McConville, Pavel Krechetov and Abdullahi Salah

AUSTIN, TX, USA — Resident of Austin
Pierre McConville,
Pavel (Pasha) Krechetov and
Abdallahi Salah
embarked on a journey from Vermont to Hawaii across all 50 states that lasted less than a week; in total, they covered more than 7,200 miles, spent 120 hours in the car and set the new world record for the
Fastest time to visit all 50 US statesaccording to the WORLD RECORD ACADEMY.

“It was a whole lot of relief,” McConville said at the end of the trip. “But at the same time, it felt like we’ve been planning this for so long. In fact, we pulled it off. And like, everyone’s really excited.

The world record was previously detained by
Thomas Canon and
justin morriswho had completed the trip in five days, 16 hours and 20 minutes.

In total, they traveled over 7,200 miles, spending approximately $12,000 on airfare, gas, food and other resources, and 120 hours in the car.

“Peter and Pasha are YouTubers, currently based in Austin, TX, while Abdul, who is an equally avid adventurer, lives up north in Minneapolis, MN,” said the

“It was Pasha who suggested we do a 50 States video for one of Peter’s channels in December of last year, and it all came together in May.

“So what car did they choose? Well, it was a rental – a 2022
ford escape, which was to be their humble home on wheels for the next five days. It was quite comfortable, although it was just for Abdul’s 6’3” frame. Gas mileage was decent and they didn’t have to fill up as much as they had planned. All they did was check the oil level at around 5,000 miles.

Along the way, the three stopped in Times Square, visited Mount Rushmore and the Bonneville Salt Flats, and watched the sunrise over the Grand Canyon. For him, McConville said their visit to the Grand Canyon was the most memorable.

“I can’t even describe what that experience was like, not only because we were so tired, but we were seeing so much at once,” McConville said.
told KXAN-TV.

“But being able to pull it off? Honestly the best sunrise I’ve seen. It was amazing.”

“What really affected them on the whole trip were things like crazy traffic in some parts of the country, high gas prices, lack of sleep and showers, a windshield splattered with bugs and leg cramps to name a few. There is no better way to see the country up close than from the ground. It was a trip of epic proportions and will leave all three with fond memories. cherish for life,” said the reports.

McConville said, “Do what you want to do. If he’s out of your comfort zone, if he’s alone, it doesn’t matter. Try it. And I think it will, more often than not, be a very good experience.”

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