GOWANDA: Fewer bus drivers add time to routes | News, Sports, Jobs

Gowanda is in a difficult position regarding buses before the start of the school year. Transportation Supervisor Annette Nelson told the school board earlier this month that it was struggling to find new full-time drivers.

With current staff, Nelson expects just 10 bus journeys which would take between 27 and 36 minutes. If three additional drivers were hired, 14 trips could take place and would take an average of 25 minutes.

But nothing is as convenient as it could be these days with the national labor shortage. Council members discussed the possibility of hiring part-time drivers to fill potential gaps.

“It was something that I entertained. … No one came to me with that request,” she says.

Gowanda is far from alone in this dilemma, as other districts are equally desperate. Long bus rides for students have always been an excuse for those who oppose school mergers. Well, that day may have arrived – and the district consolidations still haven’t happened.

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