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At its regular meeting Thursday, the Marietta City Council approved the temporary suspension of the city’s DORA (designated outdoor refreshment area) from 8 p.m. to midnight on Friday, Sept. 9 and Saturday, Sept. 10 during the Ohio River Sternwheel Festival. .

The ordinance passed as an emergency measure at third reading, 5-1, with 4th Ward Council member Geoff Schenkel voting against the suspension. At-Large Board member Cassidi Shoaf did not attend the meeting.

During the opportunity for residents to address council, two people mentioned the need for the city to be ready to keep everyone safe. Kathy Shively of Marietta described the Sternwheel Festival as a family event and asked if the town had a safety and sanitation plan for the weekend. Jennifer Thomas of Coolville, director of the Sternwheel Festival, also read a statement which included questions about having “a sufficient number of security personnel” provided.

Two other ordinances related to the disruption of the peace did not proceed at council readings on Thursday. An order extending the noise curfew from 11 p.m. to midnight, only in the C-4 downtown business district, and only on Friday and Saturday nights, was due for second reading by council. However, it was filed with a 4-2 council vote to do so, with 2nd Ward Council Member Bret Allphin and At-Large Council Member William Farnsworth voting against the filing. The second, a new reworked ordinance on the same topic will be further discussed and was removed from the board agenda prior to the start of the meeting.

An Order was given first reading authorizing the Director of Safety and Utilities to enter into a Variation Order for Necessary Changes between the City of Marietta and Smith’s Stylecrete and Construction LLC, for the Retaining Wall Replacement Project and the Northwest Territories Community Playground Staircase. The change order must not exceed $4,102.

A portion of this amount will be paid with funds from the American Rescue Plan Act. The rules were suspended for second and third readings and the ordinance passed 6-0 as an emergency measure.

The rules were also suspended during the second and third readings of two resolutions relating to property involved in the Marietta River Trail project. A resolution was passed as an emergency measure to enter into an agreement with Mary L. Christy for a temporary construction easement for the construction, reconstruction, widening, repair and maintenance of the Marietta River Trail and the Marietta walking trail repair and retaining wall project. A resolution was also passed as an emergency measure to reach an agreement with Daniel E. and Connie Voshel for a revocable entry fee for the same project.

The council meeting was opened by council chair, Susan Vessels, welcoming visitors and outlining guidelines for public remarks to council.

“When you are recognized, please step up to the podium and state your name and address before addressing the council. Your comments will be limited to three minutes. The Board may not respond to your comments this evening, but rather take your comments and suggestions under advisement and your questions may be directed to the appropriate staff member for follow-up. In the event of a breach of decorum, the Chairman of the Board will issue a warning. If a violation persists, the President of the Council may revoke speaking privileges and the speaker may be expelled from the council chamber by the Sergeant-at-Arms,” she says.

At the start of the meeting, Michele Newbanks was sworn in as the new Council Clerk/Administrative Assistant.

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