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Photo by Carri Graham Ohio Congressman Tim Ryan tours the new Bellaire Industrial Technology Training Center on Tuesday.

BELLAIRE – Congressman Tim Ryan stopped in Bellaire on Tuesday to meet with energy industry leaders and tour the new Industrial Technology Training Center of Local 83 of the Plumbers, Pipefitters Union steam fitters.

Following a private roundtable between local labor, business and industry leaders, Ryan, D-Ohio saw the future headquarters of the Wheeling Joint Apprenticeship Committee training facility, slated to open in the next weeks.

Ryan is on the campaign trail as he seeks to win the Senate seat currently held by retiring U.S. Sen. Rob Portman, R-Ohio. Ryan represents Ohio’s 13th congressional district and lives in the Mahoning Valley. He grew up in Niles, Ohio, and currently lives in Howland, Ohio with his wife and three children.

Ryan’s opponent in the Nov. 8 ballot is Republican JD Vance, a native of Middletown, Ohio. The Marine Corps veteran left the state for a while and wrote the Netflix movie-turned-book “Hillbilly Elegy,” which became his fame. He moved back to Ohio in 2017 and started a business in Cincinnati.

Ryan said Tuesday he was excited to participate in both the talk and the tour.

“We want to bet on natural gas. This is one hell of an opportunity for Eastern Ohio. It’s good for jobs, good for the environment, and, you know, good for helping our allies who are being screwed over by (Russian President) Vladimir Putin right now. So this is a very important initiative. It has to be an American initiative – it can’t be a Democratic or Republican thing. This has got to be a big part of the US energy policy movement where it’s good for the climate, it’s good for jobs and we can be at the epicenter of that thing here in Ohio,” a- he declared.

Ryan said he is working to increase the number of natural gas plants in the state.

“I’m working hard to land this cracker plant here in eastern Ohio, like the one in Monaca, Pennsylvania, and then if we can export liquid natural gas…we’ll have to build the infrastructure, create 300,000 new jobs that are high-paying jobs and cutting energy costs here and shipping it overseas. That’s a win on every level,” he said.

Ryan said these are career jobs that offer health care, benefits and great pay with the potential to earn hundreds of thousands of dollars each year.

“It’s the backbone of America’s middle class, so why not expand it? Why not extend it to the natural gas industry so we can rebuild America’s middle class? We are watching all these jobs go offshore. … This is an opportunity to rebuild so that all the jobs we have lost can be replaced,” he said.

Toby Rice, president and CEO of natural gas producer EQT Corp., participated in the roundtable and tour. He said the industry was looking for a solution to end the energy crisis.

“The solution is to unleash American energy on the world stage, and that starts right here in Ohio,” he said.

Rice said the congressman’s visit to the region was important to show support for the industry.

“It is extremely important that we have leaders who will support American energy and you realize that the root cause of many problems that America faces, especially inflation, the root cause is lack of energy. So , having leaders who understand that energy is everything, and who will work to promote policies to help us make American energy a reality, is absolutely critical to the long-term success of this country,” he said. he declares.

Rice said the new facility is a “critical” aspect of the “energy ecosystem” by helping to provide skilled workers in the field.

“They develop the workforce that ultimately works on the projects that EQT signs up for,” he said.

“…It is extremely encouraging to know that we are thinking about our workforce and developing our workforce. Unleashing American energy will not only bring energy security to Americans and our allies around the world, but it will also be the greatest green initiative on the planet, but equally and equally important – it is the greatest creator of jobs in this country.

Unleashing American energy would create over 300,000 well-paying jobs, and it’s comforting to be here and know we’re building this workforce to hit the bar.

Jason Dean, training director for Local 83, said the new Bellaire facility marks the fourth training center in the Ohio Valley and the first in Ohio.

The other three are located across the Ohio River in West Virginia. Welding classes are scheduled to begin September 19 at the new center.

The facility includes offices, classrooms, workshops and dozens of welding cabins.

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